The club of single-name celebrities is small and very exclusive. It includes titans such as Madonna, Sting, Cher, and Bono just to name a few. The remarkable, hyper-ambitious Material Girl who never stops re-inventing herself, Carmen has won an incredible 9 consecutive World Professional Latin Championships but she hasn’t stopped there. The beat goes on ... and on ... and as strong as ever for this superstar. As a woman who’s lived life on her own terms, Carmen has been an icon to many since bursting onto the ballroom scene. Certainly Carmen is one of the most fascinating, uninhibited, daring dancers of the modern age. Her pioneering spirit and unabashed, unrelenting drive for art and soul flows into every crevice of all her memorable performances that were rewarded with record-breaking titles, such as:

  • 9 – Time Professional World Latin Champion
  • 9 – Time German Professional Latin Champion
  • 7 – Time Open British Professional Latin Champion
  • 7 – Time European Professional Latin Champion
  • Multiple United States Open Latin Champion
  • Organizer of The London Ball