They say Germans love rules, never laugh, and idolize The Hoff. Well, clearly “they” don’t know Hans Galke. A cunning technician with a flair for the theatrics, Galke stands out from his generation as a bold stroke of innovation in a time of transition. The head flick. The foot flick. Hans didn’t give a flick – he just wanted to dance and dance he did making every major final in the world and winning many championships including the World Professional Latin Championship that truly punctuated the 90’s. Galke is intense on the floor, hilarious off the floor, and grounded no matter what floor you stick him on. Now, as a world-class coach and organizer of the London Ball, Galke is thrilled to bring the NV Ball to Las Vegas. He will break the rules, keep us all in stitches, and as for the Germans? Well we think they will agree that The Hans is better than The Hoff. Achtung! A few of Hans’ many accomplishments include:

  • 6 - Time German Latin Champion
  • Blackpool Rising-Star Latin Champion
  • 2 - Time European Latin Champion
  • 2 - Time World Latin Showdance Champion
  • Professional World Latin Champion
  • Organizer of The London Ball